Mega Moving Service - Moving tips

Two Months Before Moving:

  • Do your research, select your mover and book your moving date. Remember weekends, beginning or end of the month, and certain holiday periods are busiest times,therefore book in advance.
  • Dispose of things that are not worth moving. If you do this now you will save yourself the time and expense of packing unnecessary items.
  • Order packing supplies. Even if you are having your moving company pack for you, there may be items that you will want to pack yourself.
  • Make any necessary travel arrangements (car, hotel).
  • Obtain medical/dental records.

One Month Before Moving:

  • File change of address form with your local post office.
  • Notify utility companies, newspapers, and cable company.
  • Make appropriate arrangements for pets.
  • If you are not driving, make arrangements for your car to be shipped.
  • Contact insurance company regarding coverage during your move.
  • Transfer bank accounts.

Two Weeks Before Moving:

  • Prepare your computers and stereo equipment to be moved and/or packed. Backup, disconnect and label.
  • Empty fuel or other hazardous chemicals from any items that will be moved (i.e. Lawnmower).
  • Prepare and organize all personal records and valuables. Keep them in a file and take it with you. We do not recommend packing licenses, passports, credit cards, jewelry or other valuables.
  • Make sure your new location is available for you on agreed upon date. If not, storage arrangements will have to be made.

One Week Before Moving:

  • If you are packing yourself, make sure all your boxes are labeled. This will save you time when you arrive at your new location.
  • Pack personal items you will need while in transit.
  • Reconfirm arrangements with moving company. Make sure they have your new address and ideally, a cel phone number where you may be reached.
  • If you have children, remember to take a bag with favorite toys, games, stuffed animals, or books. Familiar items can ease a transition into a new location. You may also want to arrange for babysitting help on the day of the move so you can attend to last minute details.

Moving Day:

  • You or an appointed representative should be there when movers arrive.
  • Do a walkthrough with a foreman. Review all paperwork. When you sign the inventory sheet, you are acknowledging that all items are accounted for. Note any existing furniture damage.
  • Make sure the foreman has clear directions to your new location and your phone number. Make sure that you have the moving company contact information with you.
  • Take money, credit cards, cell phone and keys with you when you leave. Make sure you have funds to cover the cost of the move. Moving companies do not accept personal checks.
  • You or your representative should be available to meet the movers at the new location and to sign off on delivery.


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