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If you here, that mean you decide to move somewhere, select the moving company (us - Mega Moving Service Inc.) and you wanna know something about packing and order packing materials. It's good because we always prepare that one for you.packing tips


We recommend create a list of things which you will need or planing to pack. You can do computer-printed full or short list, it' not important. Main think you need a list, use simple way.


We recommend purchasing new packing supplies from your moving company. Some items such as wardrobes and blankets may be rented and returned. If you choose to use your own boxes, check to make sure they are clean and strong enough to do the job. Don’t use old newspapers to wrap anything that may absorb ink.The following is a list of supplies you may find useful:

  • Plastic bags/Mattress covers
  • Labels/Markers
  • Packing paper and tissue paper for delicate items
  • Packing tape with dispenser/Twine
  • Corrugated paper rolls for fragile items
  • Foam popcorn
  • Scissors or boxcutter
  • Pen and notebook to keep carton ID log
  • Boxes of various sizes and specialty types
  • Pack one room at a time.
  • Pack a couple of cartons a day.
  • Mark all cartons with room and box number. Enter this information on your log. When all boxes are packed enter total number of boxes, such as 1of 50.
  • Be sure that the box size is appropriate to the weight of the items. The heavier the item, the smaller the box should be, (i.e. books would go into a smaller box than towels).
  • Pack heavier items toward the bottom of a larger box, lighter items on top. Try not to exceed 50 pounds per box.
  • Use crumpled paper in between layers of breakable items.
  • Mark all boxes with breakables as FRAGILE.

Packing Dishware

  • Line bottom of medium size boxes with crumpled paper.
  • Wrap and stack individual pieces. Do not skimp on the paper. Paper absorbs vibrations and lessens breakage.

Packing Glassware and Cups

  • When possible, purchase boxes specifically used for packing glassware
  • Stuff glasses and stemware with paper.
  • Roll each glass with packing paper, tuck in, and stack upright. Do not stack glasses on their side.
  • Paintings and artwork require special care. Do not use newsprint to wrap artwork. Use clean packing paper or tissue, and place on edge in cartons.
  • If you choose to leave bureau drawers packed, don’t overload them. Remove any items that may break or leak.
  • Pack electronics in original cartons, if possible. Otherwise, wrap items with blankets and place in padded or lined carton. Wrap cords and wiring separately. Label cords to facilitate hook-up in your new location. Computer manufacturers recommend parking your hard drive before moving your CPU.
  • Do not pack flammable or combustible items. Changes in temperature can cause these items to leak or explode.
  • To pack lamps, remove bulbs, shades, harps and finials.
  • Place tape across large mirrors to secure glass in case of breakage. Wrap and pack upright in carton.


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