Special services

Antiques and Fine Art:

American Moving Service will treat your valuables with the utmost attention and care. We will handle your antiques  delicately and even keep them separate from your other items in order to ensure safety and protection. With American Moving Service, there is no need to fear moving your fine art or valuables. Upon request, our associates who are knowledgeable about moving fine art, will measure and construct a wooden crate to fit and protect your valuables. Speak to a representative at American Moving Service to discuss how we can transport your most prized assets.

Piano Moving:

Pianos are expensive items that bring happiness and joy to your family. Because of its monetary and personal value, it is wise to let a professional move this large item. At American Moving Service, we have specially trained associates who know how to move pianos. Piano moving requires special care,therefore it is the best to ask American Moving Service's professional to help with your piano move.


A chandelier is a beautiful fixture that adds value and wonderment to your home, but it can also be an item that is often hard to install and stressful to move. Do not worry! American Moving Service  has the answer to your chandelier headache. We employ staff members who have the knowledge and experience in order to adequately take care of all your needs with regards to your chandelier.


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